Virtau.net is a Virtual Tax and Audit software, which helps Chartered Accountants in simplifying the process of an audit related activities, data storage, Tax Audit & Income-Tax Return filing under one roof.

With the evolution of software as a service, a whole portfolio of solutions is now available on a “lease” basis where you pay as you go, and only for the technology resources required. We can now easily scale their digital capacity (storage and processing power), up or down as needed.

This cloud-based software primarily helps users collect data on the field faster and more accurately from anywhere at any time and can store it for future use. It is secured with 2 layers of sign in security certified with GTS CA 101 and encrypted with IP address location. Users get the geographical location of the person who are accessing the software at real time. Members of your team can access information through mobiles, laptops, and tablets, rather than waiting for someone to physically show up at the office to unlock the filing cabinet. And most importantly, there is the enormous potential for deep analytics.





It has 3 modules- admin, staff and clients. It provides access to each respective authorized member to perform audit process as per their work with unique ID, synchronized with each other on real-time basis.


One client to many staff

One client can be assigned to many staff, this will help in eliminating the time to collate the audit points for each staff individually generated during the audit


Regular updates

Admin can perform regular inception to meet the program requirements, assign responsibility, measure standards, scheduling of audits, managing staff and audit risk execution across any location.


Team Communication

It enables virtual auditing for everyone on the audit team by facilitating easier data uploading, team communications, and referencing to audit protocols



Admin/ Staff can easily ask for any documentation required and can easily attach supporting documents as per the needs.Execution of audit process can be easily traced by each and every authorized user at real-time.


Email updates

Users can also send email regarding any queries, updates, pending work, etc. to their client and keep log of the same.